Step back in time at the historic Village of Milton South Coast NSW

The first white settler of the Milton region was Rev Thomas Kendall in 1828, he started the cedar cutting industry in the district with the use on convict labour.

Many farms were established around the Settlement, which became Milton. This historic private township was established in 1860 by John Booth and had become the commercial centre for the entire district by 1875.

The Boat Harbour of Ulladulla was used for shipping of timbers and farm produce from the Milton farms for trade to Sydney.

Today Milton is listing with the National Trust, and one can walk around the streets of Milton and see home and buildings dating back to 1870.

In Milton you are surrounded by living history, a rich culture life, a delightful range of colourful shops, fascinating galleries and lively food places. Milton is an attractive township with its range of gift shops and galleries, cafes, antiques and craft outlets.

Guided walking tours of Milton
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