Handmade In Country

ln a world that that is becoming increasingly homogenised and dotted by mass produced goods and international brands, we’d like to position Toowoomba and the Darling Downs as a leading region in Australia, known for its high quality handmade goods and produce.

Offering visitors and residents alike, unique and real experiences and products that reflect our rich cultural heritage.

Handmade In Country

This fresh approach to economic, education and community development would help preserve our heritage trades for future generations and deliver valuable entrepreneurial skills for our artisans and local communities.

Handmade In CountryWe envisage developing an exciting network of artisans that produce high quality handmade products with the vision of developing better skills and visitor experiences.

The network could lead to projects such as visitor trails, tours, events, public art, training, retail outlets, website opportunities and even “handmade holidays”.

Whether you’re a wood worker, a blacksmith, stonema son or quilter, if you’re a n individual artisan, group or just interested in the project, we’d like to ensure you are included in our communications network and invitations.

To register is FREE. Just forward your name, address, email / website and
phone details to either:
Email: krista.hauritz@live.com.au
Phone: 0421 148 098 or
Post: Krista Hauritz c/- BMO Business Centre, PO Box 180, Dalby QLD 4405


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