Greenhills to Greenwell Point Heritage Drive

Visit the villages of yesteryear, which were once the life-blood of the local community.

These villages were located along the southern banks of the Shoalhaven River on the outskirts of Nowra, and residents used the river as their highway to the world in days gone by.

This heritage drive will introduce you to some of the historical sites in the area designed by historian Robyn Florance.

Taking you on a tour of the villages follows the old road system through the private estates of William Graham’s Greenhills, Prosper de Mestre’s Terrara, Alexander Berry’s Numbaa, Pyree, Greenwell Point and Worrigee and Alfred Elyard’s Brundee. The total distance travelled is approximately 50kms.

Each planned tour contains a map indicating the location and historical background information associated with the site.

You can customise each tour to suit your needs; choose to stop at one location of fit every location into a day trip. You begin your journey into history from the Visitors Information Centre, which is situated in Pleasant Way, Nowra. Order book online