Discover our National Treasure in beautiful Kangaroo Valley NSW

In 1975 The National Trust awarded Kangaroo Valley ‘Scenic Preserve’ status – because it simply is one of the most beautiful parts of NSW. “The natural scenic grandeur of the valley walls contrast with the peaceful rural landscape of the lush valley floor.

The visual impact of Kangaroo Valley is one of grandeur yet tranquility with vantage points give views of a lush green valley framed by austere sandstone cliffs bounding the plateau some 300 m above the valley floor describes the National Trust.

Certainly the combination of the green rainforest and rich hues of sandstone that frame the paddocks of grazing dairy herds, lazy mountain streams and skies filled with flocks of king parrots is very inspirational and relaxing. To have a view is one thing but to have nature’s beauty roll out in front of you is solus for the sole.

Kangaroo Valley has been awarded seven listings with the National Trust and one of the best ways to enjoy our jewels is to park your car opposite the Pioneer Museum Park and walk east. Dont forget at the post office you can add a historic post mark to your postcards and letters.

First you will see:
Hampden Bridge: opened in May 1898, is the oldest surviving suspension road bridge in NSW and offers lovely views of the river gorge.

Take the footpath and wander along the tree lined road passing The Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd Rectory which was built in 1876 by John Tanner.

Continue your stroll and you’ll pass The Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd: also built in 1876 by John Tanner it was his first work and bears all of the structural honesty for which Hunt was later to become famous. The Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd Graveyard is an important townscape feature.

You will now stroll through the village with its historic Catholic church, St Josephs , charming sandstone school, the wonderfully preserved wooden post office (where you can add a historic post mark to your postcards), the popular Friendly Inn and plenty of cafes, restaurants, shops and galleries.

Now you will reach The Courthouse. Still used today as the police station, this was designed by famous NSW Government Architect, Walter Liberty Vernon and is a particularly fine example of the series of rock faces stone courthouse designed for the cooler climate areas between 1895 and 1905.

Lastly when you have returned to your car, drive to The General Cemetery which has a wonderful selection of historic pioneer monuments.

From the Cemetery you can take a number of drives which allow you to marvel at the Kangaroo Valley Landscape Conservation Area: considered by the National Trust to be one of the principal scenic features of the Illawarra Shoalhaven.

Enjoy these wonderful views when you stay in the lovely accommodation. Spoil yourselves with private, romantic luxury. Spoil the children with fun packed country cottages. Relax with warm B&B hospitality. Book that big family break at the caravan parks or enjoy the magic of camping surrounded by nature. Most of this accommodation offer the visitor outstanding views of this beautiful landscape, bed and breakfast to holiday rural retreats.

The Pioneer Museum & Park is perhaps one of the most important surviving sites of historic homes, clothes and agricultural machinery so close to Sydney/Canberra.

A visit will reward you with the wonderful experience of walking through old pioneer dwellings filled with the original furniture, objects and clothes while you listen to taped descriptions of early life by some of our residents.

Carefully laid out to resemble a real rural settlement the Pioneer Museum & Park is a great way to stimulate children. It gives them a chance to see how families used to live. Show them the old school house and they might reconsider where they learn today! For adults the original clothes, jewellery and cottage interiors are a fascinating reminder of our heritage and preserving Kangaroo Valley history with buildings, machinery, memorabilia and photographic display

Kangaroo Valley Pioneer Museum: Open 7 days Ph: (02) 4465 1306