Mt Kembla Mining Heritage Centre and Festival

Visit the award-winning display of the 1902 Mt Kembla Mine Disaster. Open on the second Sunday of each month 11am to 4pm or anytime for guided group tours.

Wollongong Harbour Heritage Listed

Wollongong Harbour has been given the NSW State’s highest level of heritage protection and includes many tourism attractions.

Do You Want to Save the Aussie Pub?

The Australian pub, once the cornerstone of our culture, is dying a slow and agonising death. Join Mark Chipperfield’s personal campaign to save the Great Aussie Pub.

Australian heritage architecture

Along with iconic structures such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia boasts some highly unique architecture that has been inspired directly by Aboriginal culture, the natural environment and distinctive wildlife.

NSW Councils failing to make most of heritage tourism

Some councils are failing to list items of heritage significance on their Local Environment Plans, an opportunity which the National Trust says could help boost tourism to rural areas.

Clifton School of Arts

Grants were received from Wollongong City Council, NSW Heritage Commission but of course nothing would have happened without the efforts and enthusiasms of the local community whose energies have brought the building back to life continue to support it as a community and tourism facility.

NSW Schoolhouse Museum Tour and Talk

Wednesday 5 May: Kathryn Watkins will provide a glimpse of schooling from the past and conduct a tour of the NSW Schoolhouse Museum of Public Education. The museum is housed in restored early schoolrooms and collects and preserves objects relating to the history of public education in NSW.

Walkabout in New South Wales

There is so much to do in New South Wales, but a week will surely persuade you to come back for more, from Sydney to the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley to Jervis Bay, Kangaroo Valley to the Southern Highlands.